Glossary For CCTV Surveillance

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ID : An acronym for Identification. Devices in a system typically have a unique ID number assigned to them.

IDE : Integrated Drive Electronics. This is the cable connection from a PC motherboard to a disk drive, CD drive or other devices. This is a forty pin ribbon connector cable. EIDE is an updated configuration 80 pin connections providing an individual ground for each data signal.

Infra Red Light : The wavelength of light produced below the visible part of the spectrum. Humans can’t see this light but cameras can. IR cameras use Infra Red LEDs to light an area and provide usable (black and white) images in what appears to humans to be total darkness.

Instant Replay : This is a term used to describe a DVR’s ability to playback recorded information within a few seconds of the original recording. Most DVR’s record video in a buffer for a period of time before writing the information to the Disk Drive(s). The ability to retrieve video from the buffer before it is written to the drive allows an operator to review information immediately. This is very helpful in an attended system application where the operator is watching shoplifters in a store. The information is confirmed before the person leaves the store. Few DVRs do this well.

2:1 Interlace : The pattern described by two separate field scans when they join to form a complete video frame. As the video picture is transmitted, the first field picks up even-numbered scan lines - the second, odd-numbered ones. The two interleave together to form a single, complete frame.

Internal Sync : The internal generation of sync pulses in a camera using a crystal controlled oscillator. This is needed on non-mains powered cameras (any DC powered cameras).

Internet : This is the term for the interconnection of computers on the “world wide web.” This is how you connect to your favorite websites and to remote DVRs.

IP : An acronym for Internet Protocol.

IP : The other IP. This one stands for Ingress Protection. It is a measure of the ability of an enclosure to resist dust and water. It is expressed (usually) as two numbers as in IP66. This rating would mean your outdoor dome enclosure is totally resistant to dust and water entry. Some of these claims are overstated (like air holes in the dome skin when it’s rated as wind driven waterproof). “Google” IP rating system for details on the levels of protection and their ratings.

IP Address : This is the individual address of the computer. IP addresses are 32-bit binary numbers (all ones and zeros). This is fine for computers. Humans need an easier way to express the address. Each binary octet is expressed as a number between zero and 255. An example of an IP address is

IP Cameras : These are IP based video cameras using IP networking as their basis rather than the traditional video signal used in broadcast and closed circuit systems.

IR : an acronym for Infra Red. IR remotes typically control video devices (TVs, DVRs, etc.).

IR Camera : Refers to cameras that have IR LEDs installed that turn on in low light providing a usable image in even total darkness. The effectiveness and distance varies widely based on the number of LEDs and overall quality of the camera.

IR Cut Filter : IR light can distort colors in CCD and CMOS cameras. An IR filter is often used in cameras to filter out IR light during bright daylight conditions. An IR cut filter is automatically removed at low light to allow the camera to take advantage of IR light in lower light conditions. The camera usually switches to black and white operation at this time since B/W works better than color in low light.

Iris : The mechanism that can be adjusted to vary the amount of light falling on the imaging device.

IR Remote : This is similar to remote controls used with a variety of electronic devices. In CCTV context the IR Remote controls the DVR including all functions of the menu and PTZ control.

ISDN : (Integrated Services Digital Network). ISDN telephone lines have a speed of 128Kbps (two 64K “B” channels). This type of connection is usually limited to businesses.

ISO : Acronym for International Organization for Standardization. This is the ISO in ISO9000.

ISP : This is an acronym for Internet Service Provider. ISPs provide your connection to the Internet.

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