Glossary For CCTV Surveillance

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EIA : The American 525 line standard for the Black and White video signal.

EIDE : Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics. This is the cable connection from a PC motherboard to a disk drive, CD drive or other devices. This is an eighty pin ribbon connector cable. This is a later development to IDE.

EIS : Acronym for Electronic Image Stabilization. This feature is an option on some camcorders. It helps to keep the image from shaking with hand held movement. This feature is available in some CCTV cameras.

E-Map : (Electronic map). This term is used to describe a feature on some DVRs. It allows you to import an image (like a layout drawing of a building) and place camera icons within the image to represent installed camera locations. Some allow you to click on an icon to see the actual camera video, initiate and cancel alarms, etc. Also see GEO map.

Embedded (DVR) : This is a manufacturer designed hardware platform for a DVR. It may share many functions with a traditional PC platform but it is a proprietary design that is unique to an individual manufacturer.

Enterprise Software : This is a term used to describe control software used to manage multiple systems. CMS (Control Management System/Software) and VMS (Video Management System/Software) are often used interchangeably.

Event : In CCTV context an alarm event is anything that can be distinguished from normal activity. Examples include; wired alarms, motion alarms, operator triggered alarms, S.M.A.R.T alarms and test exception alarms. See S.M.A.R.T.

Export : In CCTV DVR context export refers to saving a selected clip of video to an external device for the purpose of reviewing the clip in a standard PC.

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