Glossary For CCTV Surveillance

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RAID : RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Drives. There are several different levels of RAID devices. The key is that if one of the drives fails, the information from that device is retained in the remaining drives. The different RAID levels range from storing all information in two separate locations, to using software gymnastics to share information on all drives so that any single drive failure will not allow any loss of data. RCA Jack: This is a standard connection used for audio. These connections are typically used for audio in CCTV.

Real-time recording : There are several interpretations of this phrase. Most people refer to it as full motion video, just like TV (30ips in NTSC). Some call it real time even if the update rate is slower.

Record Duration : In CCTV context record duration refers to the amount of time that a DVR will record before writing over the database with newer information.

Resolution : Analog video resolution is based on viewing a test pattern and determining the “lines of resolution” number by how well you can differentiate a series of converging lines before the black and white lines fade to gray. This is very subjective and rarely accurate. This method depends on the other equipment used to be a higher quality than the tested device.

Resolution : Digital resolution is the same as the pixel count. Using the analog test pattern method the resolution number will always be smaller than the pixel count.

Resource Monitor : This is a handy tool available with Windows Vista. It allows you to see CPU usage, network traffic, disk activity and memory usage all on a single screen. This is very helpful in viewing network traffic to your PC. Right click on the lower task bar and select Task Manager from the popup menu. Resource Monitor is a select button on the Performance tab. (This is not available on XP.)

Road Show : The intent of road shows is to bring the products to the customers. The target audience is dealers who don't have the budget, the time to spare, or the inclination to travel somewhere far. The factory reps (usually about 20 across the US for many manufacturers) facilitate this effort. They provide a local venue. They invite local dealers, luring them with free food and about a two hour presentation of the latest products. This is an opportunity for the manufacturer to show new items and the reps get to mingle with their customers. This is a marketing blitz. The invitees are a combination of known dealers invited by the reps and anyone in the area who had their card scanned at a trade show.

Router : This is the hardware device that provides a gateway to the Internet.

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