Glossary For CCTV Surveillance

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Gateway : This is the hardware/software device used to connect LANs with dissimilar operating systems. The “gateway” often refers to an Internet connection. The gateway is a single device that provides a single IP address to the outside world and routes traffic to the appropriate internal IP addresses.

Geo Maps (Geographical Maps) : Usually more sophisticated that E-maps, these maps may provide more functionality. The actual background map can be any file including CAD drawings, AVI, bit maps, screen captures and the often used Google Earth map. Just use the Print Screen key to capture any image and save it to Paint (print screen is a one page buffer that is overwritten each time you press the print screen key). In Paint, select edit, paste to show the image. Crop and Save it to a folder.

GUI : An acronym for Graphical User Interface. This is the visual display that the operator uses to use the system.

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