Glossary For Fire Alarm

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HEAT (or RATE OF RISE) DETECTOR: This is an INPUT DEVICE specifically designed to detect a rapid rise of temperature in a protected area. It is also triggered when a specific temperature is reached. HEAT DETECTORS come in three main fixed temperature settings: 135, 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. HEAT DETECTORS are also known as fire detectors. As they are activated by heat, they are not considered a LIFE SAFETY device.

HEAT TRACE: A specially designed heating element comprised of a coated wire which is wrapped around exposed domestic or WET SPRINKLER SYSTEM piping and is thermostatically controlled to prevent the water in the pipe from freezing. HEAT TRACED piping is usually insulated with glass fibre. In parkades or other exposed locations, tears or other damage to the insulation material (or covering) should be investigated and repaired. Loss of power to the HEAT TRACE CONTROLLER should result in a supervisory trouble signal on the FIRE ALARM SYSTEM and often only requires a RESET of the system once power is restored.

HOLD-UP BUTTON (also known as a PANIC BUTTON): This is an INPUT DEVICE that is manually activated by an occupant in a protected premise to signal an emergency to the CENTRAL STATION.

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