Glossary For Access Control

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Gold A very soft, ductile material that is noted for its resistance to corrosive media. It is used primarily as a coating or plating.

Ground A : conducting connection between an electrical circuit and the earth or other large conducting body to serve as and electrical ground, thus making a complete electrical circuit.

Ground , earth The portion of a circuit that is connected to a buried metallic object such as a grounding rod or water pipe.

Gateway : A network point that acts as an entrance to another network.

gethostbyaddr : The gethostbyaddr DNS query is when the address of a machine is known and the name is needed. gethostbyname.The gethostbyname DNS quest is when the name of a machine is known and the address is needed.

GNU : GNU is a Unix-like operating system that comes with source code that can be copied, modified, and redistributed. The GNU project was started in 1983 by Richard Stallman and others, who formed the Free Software Foundation.

Gnutella : An Internet file sharing utility. Gnutella acts as a server for sharing files while simultaneously acting as a client that searches for and downloads files from other users.

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