Glossary For Access Control

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Cam : A rotating eccentric piece attached to the end of a cylinder plug to actuate a lock or latch mechanism.

CAT 5 : A very common cable type that consists of several twisted pairs in an overall protective jacket. Used for network cabling and many access control data functions.

Circuit : The path through which electrical energy flows.

Circuit, closed (1) An electrical circuit in which current normally flows until interrupted by opening of a switch-type electronic component. (2) circuit or switch in which the contacts are open during normal operations.

Circuit, Open (1) An electrical circuit in which current does not flow until permitted by the opening of a switch or a switch-type electronic component. (2) A circuit or switch in which the contacts are closed during normal operations.

Closure The point at which two contacts meet to complete a circuit.
Coil, electric Successive turns if insulated wire that created a magnetic field when an electric current is passed through them.

Conductor Material with the ability to carry electric current. The term is also used for an electric wire.

Conduit A tube or trough for protecting wires and cables. It may be a solid or flexible tube in which insulated electrical wires are run.

Connector Generally, any device used to provide rapid connect/disconnect service for electrical cable and wire terminations.

Contacts electrically conductive points, or sell points, used to make or break an electrical circuit mechanically.

Continuous duty Refers to a device or a control that can operate continuously with no off or rest periods.

Controller, Control Panel A circuit board or group of circuit boards that contain programming for the operation of an access control or other system.

Current The flow of electrons through an electrical conductor. Current is measured in amperes.

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